About Me

Hi! My name is Ashley and welcome to my blog.  Two Lambs and a Bear was inspired by our family chronicles blog where we liked to update our friends near and far about our daily comings and goings. From that blog grew the idea to post more little tidbits about our flock and give others a glimpse into our home and life. I am a wife and mother to three very small people. We had 3 babies in 367 days. A boy and girl set of twin little lambs and then one year later, our Baby Bear arrived. We live by the bible verse "Be shepherds over the flock God entrusted to your care" 1 Peter 5:2.  This blog is just a fun narrative of what it is like with two little lambs, a bear, and two sleepy shepherds trying to watch over our flock.

Please enjoy the glimpse into our daily lives. I try to live by the principles that the Lord graciously gave me this sweet flock and they were entrusted to my care.  I will do my best to raise them to love the Lord and learn the meaning early of grace and forgiveness from our Savior who died for our sins. Mommy has a big responsibility and she fails quite often and falls short of the glory. Along the way I try to have FUN and enjoy our daily lives!

 I want my children and family to remember:
 "This is the day the Lord hath made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118:24
I do not want to look back at this time and not remember how precious the small years were and the impact every day has on their little lives and mine. I navigate each day with attempts to cook, do crafts, or some days just to survive the day with three kiddies under two.  I want my children to remember this is the day the Lord hath made and seize it!  Perhaps along the way you will enjoy the ups and downs and get inspired.

I love Martha Stewart, magazines, books, book club, walking with or without my crew, being silly with my children, Jesus, Ina Garten, Jeffery Garten (that was for my husband), new recipes (even if it just means clipping and filing them...I love the thrill), crafts, fun blogs, taking photos of my children yet never managing to print any, cooking, my family, my husband, party planning, holidays, movies, and interior design (not necessarily in that order).  I also try to have a sense of humor about things because I fail miserably at a lot, my kids are not photogenic angels, and my crafts sometimes come out horribly wrong, but I try and we experiment and have fun!

Thanks for stopping by all you other sleepy Shepherds or Starbucks energized ones. Please contact me if you have comments, questions or feedback. I love feedback, and I will try my best during a naptime or "downtime" to respond. I do consider outbursts of love, good deeds, and encouraging one another a big part of our daily walk , and I appreciate anyone willing to read or respond because your time is precious too. It is a blessing and friends are made in the most mysterious ways.